Camera System

Colorful studio supports multi-cameras that can be of great use while creating a perfect scene. All scene cameras can be handled through the camera bar at the bottom of the editor.

Notion image

Cameras can also be found and edited in the scene graph like all other objects.

Notion image

Every newly created project has a single PERSONAL CAMERA through which a user is looking at the scene. This camera cannot be deleted or locked, because its main purpose is to navigate the scene, even though it is still possible to take pictures with it.

Additional cameras can be added to the scene by clicking + in the camera bar or selecting Duplicate Camera in the camera menu. Both options will add a new camera with the same properties as the current camera. All cameras except the PERSONAL CAMERA can be locked to prevent accidental movement and disorientation in the scene. All camera settings, e.g. focus point or image settings, apply per camera. This feature allows the user to create different shots of the same subject without fear of losing the perfect angle.

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