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Choose Focus Point

Activate the focus picker mode by pressing T. This mode automatically switches to full screen preview so that you can better see the effect of the focus point. The focus picker works in two modes.

Smart Focus Point Selection

It selects the focus object automatically based on user’s interactions and maintains the focus point on the surface of the object - if the camera or the object itself is moved.

Smart focus point selection is simpler and enables to focus objects rather than specific points. In this mode focus objects can be selected either by clicking on them in the scene or selecting from a dropdown menu.

Auto Focus Point Selection

It allows the focus point to be set on any surface point of desired object. Focus point is maintained not just when camera or object is moved, but also when the object containing the focus point is transformed.

Auto focus point selection is recommended in case more control over the focus point is needed. It allows to select a very specific point on an object that should stay in focus. In this case, no matter how the focus object is transformed later on, the focus point will stay on the same point on that specific object.

Both modes indicate the selected focus point with a blue "Focus" icon (circular in Smart and rectangular in Auto). A black "Focus" icon is the pointer.


If no effect is visible, check the "Blur" setting on the right-side panel. Increase the slider to see the effect.

Notion image
Notion image
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