Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed issue where hiding 1 light made whole scene dark
  • 🪲 Fixed issue with multiple asset uploading (beta users only)
  • 🪲 Fixed issue with deleting assets replacing items in the scene



Improvements / features:

  • 👆 Drag and drop objects in Quick Mode

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Snapping fixes and improvements
  • 🪲 Motion preset fixes
  • 🪲 Sidebar crash fix
  • 🪲 Fixed bug report panel
  • 🪲 Video duration fix (hotfixed earlier)



Improvements / features:

  • 🎟️ Credit system for rending photos / videos / object uploads

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed issue where render preview would get stuck
  • 🪲 Fixed issue with search icon overlapping search bar



Improvements / features:

  • 🎥 Automatic camera motion presets in Creator
  • 🧲 Object snapping (hold shift when moving object)
  • 🗺️ Top view mini-map in Quick Mode
  • 🗑️ ”Clear all keyframes” button for cameras in Creator

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed issue with undo not working with some material changes
  • 🪲 Fixed app crash when switching from Creator to Quick Mode
  • 🪲 Fixed issue with Select component not displaying ticks



Improvements / features:

  • 🔁 ”Surface” rotations in Quick Mode (and in Creator with hotkey)
  • 🦋 App crashes fallback to friendly view with retry and bug report options

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed issue with HDRI rotation not initiating correctly on front-end
  • 🪲 Fixed rare app crash in Quick Mode



Improvements / features:

  • 📸 Automatic camera angle generation in Quick Mode
  • 🍶 Uniform, directional scaling in Creator and Quick Mode
  • 🎯 More accurate replacing of objects using “Surface Point”
  • 🖼️ Easier to use background options in Creator
  • 🖼️ Background options now in Quick Mode
  • 🎁 Simultaneous uploads for users with unlimited product slots



Improvements / features:

  • 🔒 Video duration limit



Improvements / features:

  • 📷 Massively improved camera controls for Quick Mode
  • 🍞 Toast message displayed when focus object is hidden/shown
  • 💬 Improved object tooltips when hovering in Quick Mode

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed renders failing when focus object was hidden
  • 🪲 Fixed accuracy issue with camera panning during mouse drag
  • 🪲 Accidental object manipulation while panning with spacebar no longer possible



Improvements / features:

  • 🎨 Enabled color changing and swapping for locked objects in Quick Mode
  • 🔗 ”Open in Quick Mode” and “Open in Creator” options added to dashboard scene items

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed bug with scenes sometimes failing to load (command cache issue)



Improvements / features:

  • ⛰️ Support for displacement maps
  • 🔒 Feature limitations imposed as per payment plans

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Huge fixes to color space for some textures, improving colors and normal map appearance



Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed render de-sync issues when switching between Quick Mode and Creator
  • 🪲 Small performance fixes for thumbnails



Improvements / features:

  • 🎯 Improved camera focus system



Improvements / features:

  • 🚀 Faster scene loading times
  • ⌛ Displaying render progress for photos
  • ⚠️ Improved error reporting for failed renders

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Various significant fixes for DOF/focus
  • 🪲 Fixed issue with custom materials resetting when swapping objects
  • 🪲 Fixed issue with export dimensions
  • 🪲 Fixed issue in Quick Mode with clicking of locked objects (beta users only)


Improvements / features:

  • 👯 Parallel rendering for all photo exports using a queue system
  • 🖼️ New and improved render gallery

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Quick Mode / Creator Mode switch no longer in dev options (beta users only)


Quick Mode Improvements (beta users only):

  • 🎥 Added camera position sliders

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed scene deletion issue


Quick Mode Improvements (beta users only):

  • ↔️ Switch between Creator and Quick Mode
  • 👆 Improved selection of objects
  • 🪲 Fixed render server connection issues

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed blurry preview for high-pixel density screens
  • 🪲 Fixed scaling issue with uploaded objects in scene
  • 🪲 Performance fix for HDRI thumbnails
  • 🪲 Undo/Redo fix for advanced material settings


Improvements / features:

  • ⤴️ Uploaded objects page
  • 🧙🏿‍♂️ Quick Mode (beta users only)
  • 🛰️ Small tweaks for camera orbiting speed
  • 🎨 Performance optimizations for material editor

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Scene hierarchy toggle icons are now visible again on hover
  • 🪲 Fix issue with transform gizmos not being rendered when light added or object copy / pasted.
  • 🪲 Fix applying of material maps in scene preview
  • 🪲 Various fixes for textures
  • 🪲 Various fixes for model loading
  • 🪲 Various fixes for scrubbable inputs
  • 🪲 Various improvements of transform controls
  • 🪲 Various fixes for focus picker


Improvements / features:

  • 🔢 Improved numeric inputs - controlling with arrow keys, scrubbable when hovering over unit suffix, real-time updating of input values during animations and scene object manipulations
  • 🪃 Replaced model now keeps bottom alignment if the previous one was aligned
  • ⌛ Render gallery refreshing to show progress of rendering
  • ⚙️ Refactored model setup
  • 🔄 Refresh uploaded asset bar after updates in material config

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed handling of camera field of view
  • 🪲 Fix for template background intensity issue
  • 🪲 Fixed camera not being updated after movement when preview overlay is enabled
  • 🪲 Fixed renders flickering on hover in renders gallery
  • 🪲 Fixed copying scenes from another user
  • 🪲 Fixed connection speed testing for image streaming
  • 🪲 Fixed render server connection timing out if image rendering takes longer
  • 🪲 Camera gizmos are now not clickable, thus not preventing clicking through them

+ lot of internal improvements



released: Released: 09/08/2022

Improvements / features:

  • 📏 If model aligned to bottom is replaced with other model it stays aligned to bottom
  • 🪟 Various improvements and fixes to FOV setting
  • 🖌️ Improvements to material system - categories, removing useless parameters

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed issue with camera position and rotation being reset to original position after it was moved


Released: 09/08/2022

Improvements / features:

  • 🎥 Camera animation (internal testers only)
  • 🎥 Camera gizmos now visible in the scene

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Fixed issue with camera orbit when camera was selected
  • 🪲 Fixed login issue
  • 🪲 Fixed issue with deleted scenes re-appearing
  • 🪲 Fixed issue with renaming scene sometimes not working
  • 🪲 Fixed issue with wrong global rotation axis
  • 🪲 Fixed scene name changes not propagating to dashboard
  • 🪲 Fixed issues with asset upload thumbnail and double processing of asset
  • 🪲 Fixed material changes of user uploaded assets not working


Released: 11/07/2022

Bug fixes:

  • 🪲 Hide duplicate and delete button in editor
  • 🪲 Added tolerance for detecting flat objects
  • 🪲 Center thumbnails of uploaded assets
  • 🪲 Fix replacing of objects breaking materials and rendering


Released: 22/06/2022

Improvements / New Features

📷 New batch rendering system for image exporting

🖼️ New background settings and ability to export images with transparent backgrounds ᴮᴱᵀᴬ

🔧 Improvements to model setup: adding relevant data to library assets

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed some rare issues related to undo functionality


Released: 16/06/2022

Improvements / New Features

🎥  Multiple camera system

👁️  Show / Hide the scene floor

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed issues with undo after adding objects

🪲  Tiny gap added when placing objects to prevent z-fighting

🪲  Fixed issues with “F” hotkey

🪲  Fixed issues with shared scene screen

🪲  Fixed issue with scene item order in dashboard


Released: 31/05/2022

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed camera rotation issue when dragging on empty space


Released: 25/05/2022

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed issue with “Error fetching scenes”


Released: 25/05/2022

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed crash when clicking asset vertical tabs

🪲  Locked objects can no longer be moved


Released: 23/05/2022

Improvements / New Features

🗑️  Uploaded assets can now be deleted from library

📷  Camera controls: Can now continue dragging outside of canvas

💯  Transform values in side panel now update in realtime

🎚️  Slider values can be input manually beyond set maximum

👍  User accounts confirm without email

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed rare crash due to raycasting of lights

🪲  Improved page loading speeds when opening new templates

🪲  Fixed some objects that were single sided

🪲  Fixed issue with left sidebar vertical tabs

🪲  Design and text fixes


Released: 27/04/2022

Bug fixes

🪲  Potentially improved stability of transform controls

🪲  Show templates carousel for new users with no scenes

🪲  Fixed Safari image heights in templates

🪲  No sticky camera if mouse leaves canvas

🪲  Better handling of WS close events


Released: only on QA

Improvements / New Features

⌨️  Hot keys changed (and help dialog updated)

⏳  Better messaging when rendering final image

🪟  Only one tab allowed open per user

Bug fixes

🪲  Improved lots of camera issues

🪲  Reduced the number of online checks

🪲  Improved clicks on objects not always registering

🪲  Dashboard header and sidebar now sticky again

🪲  Fixed issue with % loaded labels overlaying dialogs

🪲  Fixes issue with yellow arrows in lights always showing


Released: only on QA

Improvements / New Features

🔥  Faster loading of recent scenes with infinite scroll

🌈  Project files saved to disk have new naming and file extension: [PROJECT NAME].colorful

🫓  Flat objects (e.g. lights, planes) have one scale axis disabled

🔒  Locked objects can be selected (but not moved)

🧊 Bounding boxes displayed for locked and hidden objects when selected

⏳  Better messaging when servers are full

🎠. Draggable image carousel

🖼️  New photo in login screen

🔴  Improved error handling

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed janky camera zooming issue

🪲  Fixed issue with switching modes on focus picker

🪲  Can no longer modify scale of camera

🪲  Toasts no longer overlap toolbar


Released: only on QA

Improvements / New Features

🗺️  HDRIs as backgrounds

🎠  Templates carousel on dashboard

🎯  Move camera to selected object

🔎  Template search

🔗  Added / fixed links in top left dropdown

🖌️  Many little design tweaks / fixes

🔴  Nicer errors

Bug fixes

🪲 Fixed issues with toolbar button toggling

🪲 Fixed issue with /new entry URL not being cleared

🪲 Fixed gizmo not updating with number inputs

🪲 Various fixes for focus picker

🪲 Infinite scroll loads items sooner

🪲 Various fixes for server timeout


Released: 12/04/2022

Improvements / New Features

🔗  /scene/new route added

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed dropdown anchor styling and clicking issues


Released: 08/04/2022

Improvements / New Features

🖼️  HDRI thumbnails in HDRI select component

🖌️  Nicer design for general select component

⏰  Render server timeout for inactive users

Bug fixes

🪲  Removed dots menu for template items

🪲  Fixed issue with shared URLs and white renders

🪲  Fixed toolbar active states


Released: 08/04/2022

Improvements / New Features

👀  All scene URLs now shareable (with preview when not logged in)

💡  Higher max light intensity

❌  Scenes can be deleted

⏳ Status displayed when new servers are being spun up

⌨️  Nicer form inputs for login/register

👍  Nicer scene thumbnails for mobile

🔗  URLs changed (no longer includes /studio)

🤫  Dev features hidden

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed issue with object upload failing

🪲  Fixed issue with gizmo disappearing when scaling lights

🪲  Fixed flash of old scenes on login

🪲  Crash fix when user is offline and drags in models

🪲  Fix for issue with sensitive mouse and asset swap on click

🪲  Fixed unresponsive sliders for lights



Released: 24/03/2022

Improvements / Changes

⬆️  Object Upload enabled for all users

📷  Objects with cameras can now be uploaded (still gives a warning)

🖼️  Improved thumbnail generation and saving

⚠️  Warnings for large models from asset database with lots of vertices

📜  Nicer scrollbars across the app

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed bounding boxes for problematic models


Released: 21/03/2022

Improvements / Changes

🖼️  Preview Overlay: New wording, improved design for switch, disabled while dragging in assets

💡  Exponential sliders for lights

⛑️  Help Center: Links to docs and shortcuts dialog

📶  New status bar modes: offline, disconnection / reconnection attempts

⚠️  Warn users (and the dev team!) when their scene is crashing server

🔑  Warning on signup if password is too short

Experimental (only available for selected users)

⬆️  Object Upload

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed issue with some flat objects only showing one side

🪲  Fixed black thumbnails

🪲  Re-syncing with render server to prevent black and white scenes

🪲  Fixed (another) scene permissions bug

🪲  Safari CSS bug fixed


Released: 15/02/2022

Improvements / New Features

🔒  Lock/unlock objects from object panel

🦴  Skeleton thumbnails for scenes and templates

🚀  Templates and scenes instantly show loader bar when clicked

🙅‍♂️  Transform gizmo disabled until object is loaded

📱  Mobile support for dashboard

🖼️  Faster scene thumbnail uploads (resized and compressed)

🏷️  Dev tags for isDev templates

ℹ️  Extra info message when there is nothing to render :)

Bug fixes

🪲  No more permissions errors when making new scenes 🎉

🪲  Much more consistent thumbnail generation for scenes

🪲  Users immediately logged out if already logged out on other tab

🪲  Not displaying any initial white renders while syncing

🪲  Fixed render artefact issue related to invisible objects


Released: 04/02/2022


🚀  10x faster thumbnail loading with imgix integration

⚖️  Render server using auto-scaling load balancer

Object Upload: Completed Tasks

🔍  Front-end validation system on GLB files before uploading

Bug fixes

🪲  Can always exit export even during disconnection

🪲  Shadow casters now visible from both sides

🪲  Normal based placement tool now preserves Y axis rotation

Temporarily Disabled Features

🤫  Object Upload (soon!)

🤫  Team features hidden (until after launch)

🤫  Google sign-in hidden (until later)


Released: 02/02/2022

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed issue with duplicate render commands which was causing connection issues

🪲  Normal based placement tool now preserves Y axis rotation


Released: 01/02/2022


🔥  Cheaper materials on the front-end to reduce lag, especially for lower powered devices

📌  Sticky header and sidebar in dashboard when scrolling

🚀  Template items load in faster with Algolia and infinite scroll

Bug fixes

🪲  Rotating objects via number input working again

🪲  Fixed issue with wrong positions for objects in some templates

🪲  A few small design fixes (progress bar, spinner button, thumbnail “dots” removed)


Released: 23/02/2022

Improvements / New Features

🚀  Assets search 100x faster

⚙️  Hold “s” while rotating an object to snap at 15 degree increments

🔍  Search results persist when switching between assets and scene graph

🔨  Draft assets only visible to flagged users

🔐  Login/register with Google

📈  FPS/Memory stats (dev option via main dropdown)

🔴  Autosave errors now display in status bar

Bug fixes

🪲  Focus picker maintains focus outside of focus mode

🪲  New users can always get back to confirmation page by logging in

🪲  Scale tool now handles 2D plane objects


Released: 16/02/2022

Bug fixes

🪲  Focus picker working from all camera angles

🪲  All templates now visible with infinite scrolling

🪲  Render commands sent much quicker after object manipulation

🪲  Middle mouse button clicks no longer cause selections or interactions (only pans)


Released: 14/02/2022


🤩  Templates page with beautiful starter designs

🔍  Focus picker: Now displays icon to show current focus point

🎨  Color picker: UX now consistent across all browsers, hex text editable

🌀 App status for saving/rendering/syncing/disconnected/errors

🌈  Colorful progress bars!

💡  Intensity of HDRI never too dark/bright on front-end

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  New design for team members and team settings

🖼️  Frame tool: Auto-sizes so it doesn’t clip; preset list

⌨️  Hotkey: Deselect objects with “Esc”

🔧  Added render settings to debug panel

💯 Version number now moved to dev panel (can be toggled using top-left menu)

Experimental Features

❗  Share button pops out a non-functional (but pretty looking) dialog

❗  You’re all stuck with Nik’s non-functional (but pretty looking) memoji in the toolbar

❗  Object upload still has known issues

Bug fixes

🪲  Fixed various issues with locked/hidden objects

🪲  Various issues fixed with transform controls

🪲  Focus picker: Moving camera while in focus mode doesn’t affect focus

🪲  Fixed issue with accidental object replacement when dragging assets

🪲  Front-end / render-server model position issue fixed

🪲  Export button now works from inside focus mode

🪲  Selection of UI elements no longer possible

🪲  Frame size now properly saved for projects

🪲  Faster page loads with better implementation of next.js links

🪲  Fixed object clicking selection sensitivity issue


Released: 04/02/2022


🎨  New design for dashboard: header, sidebar, recent scenes and team scenes

🪑 Asset search linked to database (no more redeploys required! 🤖)

🔆  HDRI list linked to database

👁️ Transform gizmo improvement: All irrelevant parts of gizmo hide while transforming

👉 Normal placement combined with transforms: Just click and drag on the model itself to use normal placement

💯  Version number now visible in bottom corner of editor

Experimental Features

❗  Upload your own assets. This is somewhat functional but there are definitely bugs! Approach with caution and report anything strange

Bug fixes

🪲  Latest scenes now displaying properly, in correct order

🪲  Fixed various issues with normal placement tool, much more stable now!

🪲  Fixed issues with bounding box sizes and placement

🪲  Gizmo rotation arcs now update when editing rotations via number inputs

🪲  Object rotations now working via number inputs

🪲  Editor UI now only appears once data has loaded (no longer looking at an empty scene for a few seconds before it all pops into place)

🪲  Intensity of lights now better matched between front-end and render server

🪲  Fixed an app crash issue

🪲  Fixed lagging of intersection markers with transform gizmo

🪲  Fixed issue with touchpad panning on Mac

🪲  All store state properly cleared on sign-out (including teams)

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